Our Awards

We have some goodies for our pilots.

Chief Flight Instructor - CFI Highest Rating on LDM Virtual. Will be given to members of the Training Department or to show seniority.
Flight Instructor - FI will be given to members of the Training Department or to show seniority.
Senior Captain - SRCPT requires 100hrs and one theoretical exam followed by a practical exam, both can be requested in the Training Center.
Captain - CPT requires 50hrs and one theoretical exam, which can be requested in the Training Center
First Officer - FO will be given after 50 Hours
Second Officer - SO will be given after 10 Hours
Pilot Student - PS this is the first rating at LDM Virtual
Ocean Crossing Given to any user either crossing the Atlantic or Pacific ocean.
Splendid Landing Given to any Pilot who does a Landing with -150fpm or less. (only if shown in the greased landing list)
Bright Idea Given to anybody bringing up bright ideas how to improve LaudaMotion Virtual.
Medal of Honor This is the highest achievable award at LDM. Issued by HQ
Spirit of Laudamotion Given to any Pilot and Staff who bring outstanding achievements for the Airline. Issued by HQ, requested by Staff Members
Verified A-Level Pilot Can be requested by every LDM Pilot who has at Least SPP on IVAO or eqal on other Networks. The Pilot has to complete a practical checkride with LDM Training Staff.
Pilot of the Month Given to the Pilot with the most hours per month
First Flight Given to all Pilots after their first flight.