Our Awards

Here you'll find an overview of all the Pilot Ratings, Staff Positions and Awards

Pilot Ratings

Chief Flight Instructor - CFI will be given to members of the Training Department – only given to TD and TAD
Flight Instructor - FI will be given to members of the Training Department – conducts Trainings
Senior Captain - SRCPT minimum 150 hours flown + Skill check+ Theoretical exam + Practical exam
Captain - CPT minimum 50 hours flown + Theoretical exam + Practical exam
First Officer - FO minimum 50 hours flown + Skill check
Second Officer - SO will be given after 10 hours + theoretical exam
Pilot Student - PS First Rank of LDM Motion – no exam needed

Staff Positions

Chief Executive Officer - CEO Manages the Virtual Airline. Member of the LDMva HQ.
Chief Executive Assistant - CEA Assists the CEO. Member of the LDMva HQ.
Operations Director - ODIR Responsible for the Airline Operations, Fleet and Flight Scheduling.
Operations Assistant Director - OADIR Assists the ODIR.
Operations Advisor - OA Schedules Flights.
Training Director - TD Responsible for all operations of the Training Department. Conducts Trainings and Exams.
Training Assistant Director - TAD Assists the TD. Conducts Trainings and Exams.
Flight Examiner - FE will be given to approved examiner of the Training Department - conducts Trainings and exams
Flight Instructor - FI will be given to members of the Training Department – conducts Trainings
Senior Flight Instructor - SRFI will be given to members of the Training Department – conducts trainings and exams. Assigns Ratings after successfull exams.
Membership Director - MD Responsible for the Member Accounts, accepting new Pilots and sending out welcome mails.
Membership Assistant Director - MAD Assists the MD.
Webmaster - WM Manages the Website and all Development Operations.
Assistant Webmaster - AWM Assists the WM.
Public Relations Director - PRD Responsible for Marketing, PR, Social Media accounts and pilot newsletters.
Event Director - ED Responsible for all LDMva Events.
Event Assistant Director - EAD Assists the ED.
Event Advisor - EA Helps the ED and EAD with their tasks.
Wien Airport Chief - LOWW-CH Manages the LDMva hub Vienna.
D端sseldorf Airport Chief - EDDL-CH Manages the LDMva hub Dusseldorf.
Stuttgart Airport Chief - EDDS-CH Manages the LDMva hub Stuttdart.
Palma Airport Chief - LEPA-CH Manages the LDMva hub Palma de Mallorca.


Ocean Crossing Given to any user either crossing the Atlantic or Pacific ocean.
Splendid Landing Given to any Pilot who does a Landing with -150fpm or less. (only if shown in the greased landing list)
Bright Idea Given to anybody bringing up bright ideas how to improve LaudaMotion Virtual.
Medal of Honor This is the highest achievable award at LDM. Issued by HQ
Spirit of Laudamotion Given to any Pilot and Staff who bring outstanding achievements for the Airline. Issued by HQ, requested by Staff Members
Verified A-Level Pilot Can be requested by every LDM Pilot who has at Least SPP on IVAO or eqal on other Networks. The Pilot has to complete a practical checkride with LDM Training Staff.
Pilot of the Month Given to the Pilot with the most hours per month