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posted by Giuseppe Riesi on 2018-08-31

General Requirements:
- be Member of an online network
- have completed 10hrs or 5 flights with LDM Virtual
- No suspension on ivao in the last 10 month
- have at least FS3 on ivao or equal on vatsim

Individual requirements:
- being an IVAO member is not required but would be an asset
- holding a higher rating then PP on Ivao or equal on vatsim isn’t required but would be an asset
- have an idea about how flight plans look like

- creating routes for the scheduled flights
- providing support how to file a flight plan correctly
- reporting to ODIR
- helping Training department to create courses based on Pilots needs

Did we spark your interest or do you have further questions?
If you think you would fit in this position and have about 3-5hrs per week, apply here » «.
For further questions contact the CEO ( and the ODIR (

We are looking forward to your application!

On behalf of the LDM Virtual Management,

Giuseppe Riesi
Assistant Webmaster
Public Relations Director