Searched: Membership Advisors

posted by Giuseppe Riesi on 2018-08-31

General Requirements:
- be Member of an online network
- have completed 10hrs or 5 flights with LDM Virtual
- No suspension on ivao in the last 10 month
- have at least FS3 on ivao or equal on vatsim

Individual requirements:
- being an IVAO member is not required but would be an asset
- previous staff experience (VA or Network) is not required but would be an asset
- might be asked to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement)
- preferred 16 or older (exceptions can be made)
- capable to speak/write English on a professional level

- managing Pilot accounts
- supporting Pilots on questions related to their Account or Membership
- reporting to ODIR
- sending welcome mails to new member
- sending warning mails to inactive member

Did we spark your interest or do you have further questions?
If you think you would fit in this position and have about 3-5hrs per week, apply here » «.
For further questions contact the CEO (

We are looking forward to your application!

On behalf of the LDM Virtual Management,

Giuseppe Riesi
Assistant Webmaster
Public Relations Director